The Robots

Content is great! We’ve trained robots to make/find some. They’re ok at it.

The robots are a set of twitter bots that regularly tweet out content from datasets (or generate their own).

Bots like these are a low maintenance way of drawing attention to previously created content (when you have a lot of it).

Follow @InklebyRobots for the collection. The code is available from github.

Exploration Bots

@WNTS_Rover - A companion robot to the We Name The Stars website. This rover is working its way through every named feature on the moon in real time - tweeting elevation maps of its route (derived from the LRO LOLA Elevation Model) as it goes.

Media Bots

@CultureReuseBot - Culture Reuse Bot mines public domain films from for short, interesting clips and makes gifs. More Info.

@oldillustration - Tweets random images from the British Library's collection of scanned illustrations from OCR'd books.

Iterator Bots

@randomfoi - Tweets random successful FOI requests from's archive of over 291,000 UK FOI requests.

@AlmostAmends - Almost Amends is a historical dataset tweeter - using the data from the US National Archive's Amending America collection to tweet random attempted amendments to the US Constitution - adding links to more information where avaliable.