Letting Fees UK is a comparison site for letting agent fees we built with Generation Rent.

The site is a combination display and crowdsourcing platform.

It's designed to make it easy for transparency volunteers to add details of the fees charged by letting agents into the system (and also includes feature to help organisers error check this work).

Once the information is in the system, it channels it in a way that makes prices clearer to renters and help local authorities enforce disclosure rules. Have a look.

We Named the Stars

We Name The Stars is a a showcase for how data can be transformed through presentation. It takes the core dataset (the International Astronomy Union’s database of all named places on other planets) and combines it with other data to extrapolate information not apparent in any one source.

For every feature on the planets and moons covered the interface has tried to connect with wikipedia to find out more about the area or who it was named for. Where available, we've converted maps into tilesets so the google maps interface can be used to explore the planet. Learn More or Start Exploring.

Postal Vote is a quick project using open data to make it slightly easier to register for a postal vote.

It streamlines the process with an online form that converts the selected elections into date ranges and uses your postcode to tell you which office you need to send the form to.

Read more here or have a look.

The Robots are an experiment in drip publishing of large datasets.

They are a set of twitter bots that regularly tweet out content from datasets (or generate their own). They're a low maintenance way of drawing attention to previously generated content.

For example, while someone might not spend an hour going through a list of previous FOI requests they might be happy to have a random item cross their attention every few hours for several months.

Meet the Robots.

StringPrint is a conversion tool that makes it easier to publish long form documents and reports online.

It's designed to making reading long documents on a desktop or mobile much nicer - while making sharing bits of those documents much easier.

Read more here.

The Robots

Crisis Alert! is an experiment is building a structured, explorable dataset from a mostly unstructured source. In this case - lots and lots of parliamentary debates.

It uses Natural Language Processing to analyse every sentence said in Parliament since 1803 to identify past crises and uses statistical analysis to find connections between 'related' crises.

Have a look or Read More.