Inkleby builds websites and tools to make data more useful.

Who is Inkleby? At the moment Inkleby is me (@alexparsons). I'm a web developer and writer trying to see if there is an appetite out there for new ways of presenting data and information on the internet.

We live at the start of an age where an awful lot of data is being published but very rarely in its most useful form. Inkleby is an experiment both in new techniques of publishing websites and in seeing if there's a viable business in helping people take the data they've already collected further.

On that note, if you've clicked around our existing projects and feel you have some data lying around that could be doing more - please get in touch (alex (at) inkleby dot com) and we'll talk.

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Alex Parsons trading as Inkleby Media. Contact address: PO Box 3175, Purley, CR8 9DP